My newest piece

Here is a Youtube video showing my newest piece, “A Waste of Time” in action.

This clock is one of my most whimsical pieces entspannungsmusik zum herunterladen. It took a lot of time and effort to get

that slinky moving at just the right pace. It was well worth the effort, though.

The motor I used to make the slinky move is from McMaster/Carr speedphone 50 klingeltöne herunterladen.

It cost me about $50 for this 110 volt electric gear motor. And this is the first piece that I used

an Arduino micro-controller amazon prime to pc. It controls a stepper motor which resets two sand timers every minute.

Reading Dustyn Roberts’ book “Making Things Move” gave me the information I needed to use an arduino for the first time free winter pictures to download.