Why do clocks need service? Mechanical clocks have many moving parts. Daily use causes wear on the inner workings. Clock oil is used in select areas to minimize resistance and ensure proper functioning of the gears. Over time the oil will collect dust and dirt. When the oil dries and mixes with the accumulated dirt it creates an abrasive paste. The various parts will gradually grind out of shape, causing the clock to stop working.


I am a graduate of the School of Horology in Columbia PA. While there I developed the skills needed for the proper care and repair of mechanical clocks.

I am a federally approved Contractor and have worked on clocks from various museums and Federal agencies in the DC area.


I repair and service clocks in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

I give free estimates and will pick up and deliver clocks if requested.

All clocks are insured while in my shop and I give a one-year guarantee on all work.

Visa and MasterCard and Pay Pal accepted.

Call or email me for an appointment:
240 687 0696